Quotes Direct Certification

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The certification environment provides an explicitly-created Quotes Direct setup which helps customers assess their newly-developed Quotes Direct client systems and check their conformance with Quotes Direct.

The certification process consists of several cases that should be performed one-by-one. One certification case is devoted to the use of one or several Quotes Direct data types (DOM, trades, settlements, etc). Each certification case contains several questions to be answered. The Quotes Direct client is given an unlimited amount of attempts.

As you pass all of the certification cases, you will be considered to be a certified client. CQG will notify you about the successful outcome and grant access to the production environment.

Market Data Certification

News Certification

Note: If you have certification of the same type opened on your account you will continue this unfinished session after login.

Note: Each certification case shall be passed independently; therefore, before starting each case, the Quotes Direct client should be reset and raw data received for previous cases should not affect the subsequent ones.